Boyceball Baseball Training
Minnesota Select Baseball Club
Joe Boyce


* Please go to Online Registration for more information regarding schedule/pricing and to registration for any of the above options. 



2016 Training Rates  

Contact Joe Boyce at 651-319-2307 or for scheduling. 

Hitting, Pitching, Catching and Fielding Instruction

Single Session

5 Sessions

10 Sessions

Individual private training
(one on one)  Please call to schedule private training

$80 $375 $750
Small Group Training
(up to 3 players)

$40/each player $185/each player $350/each player
Large Group Training
(4-6 Players)

$30/each player          $135/each player         $250/each player

 Note: Small group training consists of no more than three players per group, sign up as an individual and be placed into a group or form your own group.

All sessions are one hour in length.

Team Training 

2016 Team Training Rates  - Contact Joe Boyce directly at 651-319-2307 or for scheduling.  

Minimum 10 players Two Hour Practice $240

*Training practice sessions include two instructors.

*Sessions include pitching, hitting and fielding instruction upon request.

Rent Batting Cages and Facility Space for your Player or TEAM

Contact Joe Boyce direct at 651- 319-2307 or  to reserve.

2015 / 2016 Batting Cage and Facility Rental Rates
Single Batting Cage (rental side)  $30/hour 
Two Batting Cages (rental side)  $50/hour
Entire Training side $80/hour
Entire Baseball Facility (Upper Mezzanine) $100/hour

*Rental side cages are 55' long and equipped with pitching machines.
*Training side has a 55' and 70' batting cage with pitching mounds and field space for fielding
*All cages are equipped with L screens, baseballs and batting tees.